Caribbean Cinemas - Aruba Megaplex 8 @ Palm Beach

Caribbean Cinemas - Aruba Megaplex 8 @ Palm Beach
L.G. Smith Boulevard 95
Palm Beach AA
(297) 586-0074

Child Tickets: 2-10 years old.
Senior Tickets: 60 years and older.

Not all ticket types are available for all performances.

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You're gonna need a bigger boat

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Sunday, 20 April
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1 hr. 18 min.

BUY TICKETS - 2:55PM, 4:40PM, 6:35PM, 8:30PM

Captain America: The Winter Soldier 3D

2 hrs. 15 min.

BUY TICKETS - 3:20PM, 6:15PM, 9:10PM


2 hrs. 20 min.

BUY TICKETS - 3:00PM, 6:00PM, 9:00PM

A Haunted House 2

1 hr. 27 min.

BUY TICKETS - 3:00PM, 5:10PM, 7:20PM, 9:30PM


2 hrs. 18 min.

BUY TICKETS - 2:40PM, 5:35PM, 8:30PM

Rio 2 in 3D

1 hr. 41 min.

BUY TICKETS - 1:50PM, 2:50PM, 4:05PM, 5:10PM, 6:20PM, 7:30PM, 8:40PM


1 hr. 49 min.

BUY TICKETS - 2:00PM, 4:30PM, 7:00PM, 9:30PM

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