Be a Part of Marcus Theaters UltraScreen Experience!

Marcus Theaters UltraScreen

The Original Premium Large Screen Format

The UltraScreen® experience, with razor sharp three-story tall picture, crystal clear digital sound and memory foam stadium seats is Marcus movie magic at its best.

The UltraScreen® experience takes moviegoing to a new level of excitement that can never be experienced at home, boasting screens up to 70 feet wide and over three stories tall!

--70 Feet Wide - 3 Stories Tall
--Wall-to-Wall Curved Screens
--Perfect Sightlines
--Memory Foam Seats
--Crystal Clear Digital 4K Projection
--Academy Award Winning Sound Array

Be part of the UltraScreen® experience at the following locations:

Addison Cinema
Elgin Cinema
Gurnee Cinema
Orland Park Cinema

Crossroads Cinema

Duluth Cinema
Oakdale Cinema

North Dakota
West Acres

Crosswoods Cinema
Pickerington Cinema

Hollywood Cinema
Majestic Cinema
North Shore Cinema
Point Cinema
Renaissance Cinema

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