Be a Part of the Showcase Cinema's XPlus Experience

Showcase XPlus

Showcase XPlus

Showcase XPlus is Showcase Cinemas’ proprietary large format auditorium featuring Dolby Atmos™ sound and the most advanced digital projection and screen technology.

Showcase XPlus Large Format is available in select locations:

Millbury: Blackstone Valley 14 Cinema de Lux
Revere: Showcase Cinema de Lux Revere
Lowell: Showcase Cinema Lowell

New Jersey:
Edgewater: Edgewater Multiplex Cinemas

New York:
Holtsville: Island 16: Cinema de Lux
Farmingdale: Farmingdale Multiplex Cinema

XPlus offers a premium cinema experience with immersive sound, crystal clear projection and reserved seating.

Projection & Screen
• Ultrasharp image quality
• Vibrant color accuracy
• Ultimate brightness
• Brightest and sharpest 3D experience
• Super-reflective screens for maximum brightness

And You Can Also Choose to Experience MX4D® at Showcase Cinema de Lux Revere!

Showcase MX4D® Motion EFX Theatre is the newest evolution in the 4D cinema experience. In a total immersive environment where you actually "feel" the action on the screen from the built-in motion and effects in seats around you. Your MX4D® theatre seat will move in sync with the movie action and special EFX generators in the cinema, allowing you to "feel" the movie's motion, jolts, pokes, wind, water, and even scents.

Showcase MX4D Motion EFX Theatre

MX4D® is the future of cinema. Enjoy the adrenaline rush as your seat rolls and tilts in a heart-pounding car chase, dive into a sea-faring scene with fog, wind and the scent of the ocean air!

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