Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day




Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick, Edward Furlong, Earl Boen

Production Details

  • MPAA Rating:
    (R), for strong sci-fi action and violence, and for language
  • Run Time:
    2 hrs. 15 min.
  • Format(s):


Production Details

  • Run Time
    2 hrs. 15 min.
  • In Theaters
    Wednesday, July 03, 1991-Nationwide
  • MPAA Rating
    (R), for strong sci-fi action and violence, and for language
  • Genre
  • Producer(s)
    James Cameron
  • Director(s)
    James Cameron
  • Writer(s)
    James Cameron , William Wisher
  • Studio
    TriStar Pictures
  • Format(s)


Friday, December 26
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