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Thursday, January 24, 2013 - The cast and crew of hit TV drama DALLAS are struggling to overcome the death of the show's star actor Larry Hagman and get through each shoot by pretending he has the day off work.

The beloved actor lost his battle with cancer in November , sending shockwaves through the set of the rebooted soap opera, where he was midway through shooting scenes for its second season.

The tragedy was hastily incorporated into the storyline and Hagman's scheming oil baron J.r. Ewing will be killed off when the new series airs, but his co-star and close friend Patrick Duffy has revealed the actor's presence is still felt on set.

Hagman's name still adorns the door of his trailer, the crew's list of actors features the late star, and Duffy even calls for his pal every day as he makes his way to the shoot.

Duffy tells TV & Satellite Week magazine, "Yes, he's still listed as number one on every call sheet. It was more than appropriate that nobody should

fulfil that position - it's just that he is not working that day. He and I

still also share a trailer. His name is on the door and every day I go by I give a knock like I used to. He doesn't answer, but he's still there."

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