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Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - Michael Chiklis was thrilled to meet Helen Mirren on the set of his new action movie PARKER when she dropped by to hang out with her husband, director

Taylor Hackford.

The Fantastic Four star admits the British actress really lifted the gloom for him as she showed up the morning after his beloved Boston Red Sox were eliminated from baseball's post-season.

Chiklis tells Wenn, "i was lower than a snake's belly and on to the set walks Helen Mirren, who did not disappoint at all. She was just as lovely as

could be. I became like a 14-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert!"

And Hackford admits he likes it when his wife pays him a visit - because it lifts all of his actors.

The moviemaker adds, "My wife is the real deal. She's just so wonderful and real... I try to visit her on her sets and she tries to visit me... She mostly doesn't come to the set; she is just there and we have one day together - it's pretty nice.

"If you care about somebody and you're directing a movie you don't have any time. I'm like, 'Baby, you can come but I'm not gonna have any time. I'll be a lump in the bed next to you at night.' And she understands."

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