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Saturday, April 06, 2013 - The Mindy Project star Ike Barinholtz is set for an exciting summer - he is to become a first-time dad in July.

The writer/actor has announced his wife Erica Hanson is expecting their first child, a baby girl.

Barinholtz, who plays nurse Morgan Tookers and is also a writer on The Mindy Project, admits he and his pregnant partner are struggling to pick out the perfect name.

Speaking to Us Weekly, he jokes, "My wife and I just started arguing about (baby names) recently, so we haven't even had a top three. Uh, Nicki Minaj Barinholtz, Carrie Underwood Barinholtz, Randy Jackson Barinholtz - and not Randy, the full name Randy Jackson. We do have name books, but they're boring. Just literally a list of names."

However, the dad-to-be is adamant his daughter won't be following his footsteps into the spotlight, adding, "It would be terrifying and... I would not wish that upon her! I want her to be put away from all of this!"

Barinholtz wed Hanson in 2009.

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