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Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has taken aim at critics slamming her new cookbook for her alleged costly recipes, insisting sensational bloggers are spreading vicious rumours just to get attention.

The Oscar winner's latest culinary guide, It's All Good, which was released in America earlier this month (Apr13), has been panned by reviewers for offering menu ideas which include pricey ingredients such as duck eggs and Manuka honey.

One critic at Yahoo.com estimated it would cost around $300 (GBP196) a day to feed a family based on a selection of Paltrow's recipes, but on Wednesday (10Apr13) the Iron Man star defended her book during an appearance on U..s. breakfast show Good Morning America, when she demonstrated how to cook up some of her favorite dishes.

She said, "That is insane. I mean this meal here is like $2 a person so I

don't know where they're getting (that from). I say I like honey, like raw

honey, and a jar is $25, but it lasts for two years. So they were just being sensationalist. There is a lot of inches of column that people need to fill and a lot of times they just try to get attention and say things that aren't true, unfortunately."

And the mum-of-two insists fans can always find alternatives to keep the cost down: "For example, I like to use organic chicken, but it's more expensive - you don't have to."

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