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Thursday, April 18, 2013 - Harrison Ford got bleeped on U.s. Tv on Wednesday (17Apr13) as he let the 'f' word slip while talking about his experience on the baseball mound at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles on Monday (15Apr13).

The movie star tossed the ceremonial first pitch on the hallowed turf as part of the Dodgers' tribute night to sporting hero Jackie Robinson and Ford, who stars as the club's late general manager Branch Rickey in the new Robinson biopic 42, admits he was inundated with advice from friends after they learned he would be taking to the mound.

The Star Wars star's effort wasn't great - but he admits he refused to take heed of the advice he was offered, telling late-night chat show host Jimmy Kimmel, "I got a lot of conflicting advice from all kinds of people that

pretended to know how you throw out the first ball.

"A lot of people said, 'Don't go to the mound because it's kind of long.... and you might...' and I thought, 'F**k that'."

Realising he had uttered a swear work on national TV, the actor paused and covered his mouth with his hand.

Ford then revealed he did practice in his back yard, adding, "We went 62-and-a-half feet in my back yard and my son, who is 12, caught and we talked

about it a lot because I didn't want to embarrass him; he's a baseball player. And I've got a 47-year-old son, who pitched for Usc (university of Southern California), and he told me what he thought I ought to do."

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