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Friday, June 14, 2013 - British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley has spoken out to condemn a new stage musical based on the life of her fiance Shane Warne, insisting the sensitive subject matter will be painful for his children.

The Australian cricket legend is the focus of comedy stage show Shane Warne The Musical, which initially premiered Down Under in 2008, but has now been rewritten and relaunched to include the sportsman's retirement from cricket and his relationship with Hurley.

Warne began dating the Bedazzled star shortly after his marriage broke down, and Hurley is adamant the reworked musical is making light of a serious

subject for his three young kids.

In a post on Twitter.com, she writes, "Mystified how supposedly decent actors can make a 'fun' musical about (Shane Warne) with subject matters guaranteed to make his 3 kids cry..."

The show's creator Eddie Perfect insists Warne was happy with the initial

incarnation of the musical, but fears he may react differently to the updated version.

He tells Theage.com.au, "Shane was OK with the show the first time around, but he knows that this chapter of his life is in the show and he has no idea how we're handling it... My satirical approach to the entire show has stayed the same... It's not about the truth, it's about perception, and how that perception gets distorted and amplified by the media and their relationship with the media."

The 2013 production of Shane Warne The Musical is currently touring Australia.

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