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Thursday, July 25, 2013 - Amanda Bynes' parents are reportedly heading to a Los Angeles court on Friday (26Jul13) to apply for a temporary conservatorship after the actress was

forced to undergo a mental evaluation earlier this week (22Jul13).

Editors at Eonline.com claim Lynn and Rick Bynes want a judge to grant them control of their daughter's financial and personal affairs until the Hairspray star can get her life back on track.

The news emerges three days (22Jul13) after police were called to a neighbourhood in Thousand Oaks, California, not far from where the actress' mum and dad live, after Bynes allegedly started a fire in a resident's driveway.. She was taken into custody and placed on a psychiatric hold.

She had also been cautioned by police on Sunday (21Jul13) after she was allegedly discovered trespassing outside an old people's home in Thousand Oaks while apparently intoxicated.

The incidents were the latest in a string of headline-grabbing scandals involving Bynes - in May , the 27 year old was accused of reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence and possessing marijuana after reportedly throwing a bong out of her New York apartment window during a police raid. She is also facing a charge of driving under the influence after allegedly crashing her car into a police vehicle last year , and a further accusation of driving on a suspended license several months later.

Britney Spears' father Jamie obtained a similar conservatorship in 2008 after the pop superstar was taken into custody on the same psychiatric hold as Bynes. She remains under her dad's conservatorship.

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