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Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - Actor Daniel Radcliffe has no problems with fans buying tickets for his latest movie Kill Your Darlings just to see him in a gay sex scene - because it all helps boost the film.

The Harry Potter star can understand why talk of his provocative new movie about Allen Ginsberg and the cult U.S. writers of the Beat Generation is focused on a short sex scene, and he won't fault any movie buff who pays the admission price just to see him naked.

He tells SiriusXM radio presenter Jess Cagle, "It's an easy headline. There's nothing more to it than that... But if that gets people to buy a ticket and they end up seeing a one-and-a-half-hour drama about the Beat Generation then I'm happy with that. They're still gonna have to pay...! They have

to get through a lot of the movie before they get to that.

"There's a murder, there's a gay kissing scene that's a little warm-up to


But Radcliffe is surprised his gay sex scene in the film is hitting more headlines than his naked horseplay in the play Equus did, adding, "I do feel like going back to all those people, and being like, 'Why weren't you more shocked about the sort of sexual religious worship of a horse that my character has in that?'"

And he's confident his film fans won't be upset with his gay scenes in Kill Your Darlings after he famously disrobed onstage: "If they stuck with me

through Equus, they're not gonna find a problem with this. And if they are, they're a really weird type of bigot. If they're like, 'No, a horse is fine, but gay people I can't stand.'"

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