Thursday, November 28, 2013 - Charlie Sheen fulfilled a dying man's final wish by flying him to Los Angeles and inviting him for lunch at his home.

Cancer sufferer Marion Minchuk wrote to the actor's management team after

being told he has just weeks to live and asked whether it would be possible to meet Sheen .

The former Two and a Half Men star responded by buying first class plane tickets for Minchuk, as well as his wife and nurse, to fly them from their home in Arizona to Los Angles for a visit.

Sheen, who also paid for the trio's hotel accommodation, gave them a tour

of the set of his TV show Anger Management, and then invited them to lunch

at his home following by a private screening of new movie Gravity.

Pictures posted on TMZ.com show Minchuk smiling and holding up a signed Anger Management script, while Sheen kisses the top of his head.

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