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Thursday, November 28, 2013 - Troubled actor Alec Baldwin is considering leaving his native New York and moving elsewhere with his family following a spate of troubles in the Big Apple.

The 30 Rock star, who was brought up on Long Island, lives in Manhattan with his wife Hilaria and their infant daughter Carmen, but he is thinking about uprooting his family after several controversial clashes with photographers.

Baldwin was most recently accused of hurling a gay slur at a snapper, and

the controversy led to him losing his TV talk show Up Late, which was cancelled this week (beg25Nov13) after just a month on air.

The actor now reveals he has grown tired of dealing with fame in New York


When asked whether he is considering leaving, he tells Gothamist.com, "Public life now, it is just, it is horrible. It is horrible. It's so awful...

New York is just... I go out the door of my house, every day there's all these photographers here. We have a little baby, you think I want my kid raised like that? My ex-wife raised my other daughter in Los Angeles. What does Los Angeles mean...? It means gated living. You pull up to a gate, you go

behind a wall and you're done with it. You get out of valet parking, you go into a restaurant, you're on private property. Your feet never touch public land! I think to myself there's so many other places to live to be happy....

"I don't know what the answer is as far as career and life, but I know I have to walk down completely different routes, I just do. I have to walk down completely different routes. I feel like (I am) paddling against the current."

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