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Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - Funnyman David Spade feels a little cheated after spending $125,000 (=C2£78,000) on special access to a Sir Paul McCARTNEY concert at a charity auction - because he has yet to see the former Beatle perform live.

The Joe Dirt star had saved up $30,000 (=C2£18,750) for the Haiti benefit in 2012 and was determined to snag backstage and soundcheck tickets to a

Paul McCartney show - but when bidding started at $50,000 (=C2£31,000), the actor knew he was in over his head.

However, the auction bosses knew he was interested and when the bidding stalled at $80,000 (=C2£50,000), they called out Spade.

Peer pressure and the need to impress a beautiful date got the better of Spade and he started bidding.

He says, "They go, '90!', back to me, '100?' I'm like, 'Why don't you relax for a second...' I'm like, 'If I sell that...'

"The grossest part was like, he went, '110 anyone...?' and I said to my date, 'Don't f**king move...' and then they go, '125 Spade?' and I go, 'No, no, wait! What just happened?'

"You see (Leonardo) DiCaprio craning, going, 'Who's the cheapskate?' and I go, '125!' They go, 'Sold!'"

But Spade has yet to cash in his big win: "It's so hilarious because Paul

McCartney didn't even go on tour this year, so I didn't get anything. It all went to Haiti."

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