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Tuesday, February 04, 2014 - Actor Alex Pettyfer is recovering from a broken collarbone after cheating death in a horrific 160 miles-per-hour motorbike crash.

The Magic Mike star is a devoted speed freak and loves racing around the Los Angeles streets on his beloved Ducati, but he has suffered four nasty accidents in recent years.

One of the crashes left him with a broken collarbone, but the committed thrill-seeker has no intention of giving up his high-speed hobby.

Pettyfer tells British magazine Cosmopolitan, "I wanted to be a racing driver for a while and I have a lot of racing cars. I've actually crashed four times in the past five years, including recently at 160 miles-per-hour, when I broke my collarbone."

Bruises and broken bones are not the only problems caused by Pettyfer's hobby - last month he was stopped by a cop in Beverly Hills, California for making an illegal U-turn.

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