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Aaron Sorkin: 'Molly's Game Is No Documentary'

Aaron Sorkin felt free to use creative license when making new film Molly's Game.
Nov 27, 2017 by: WENN

 Aaron Sorkin: 'Molly's Game Is No Documentary'

 Aaron Sorkin felt free to use creative license when making new film Molly's Game.

The screenwriter found fame through his work on TV shows such as The Newsroom and The West Wing, as well as films including A Few Good Men, Moneyball and The Social Network.

Sorkin is making his feature directorial debut with the upcoming Molly's Game, which he also wrote, but while the story is based on a real person, Molly Bloom, he has explained that he was granted plenty of freedom to tell the tale in his own way.

"It's not a documentary still," he said on The Hollywood Reporter's Writer Roundtable. "It's still a painting and not a photograph. I use the parts that I need to tell the story that I saw when I first started learning about this. I don't use the parts I don't need."

In Molly's Game, Jessica Chastain takes on the role of real-life poker queen Bloom, an Olympic-class skier who left the sport to host high stakes gambling card games for Hollywood heavyweights. And while she admitted to judging Bloom on her appearance when she first Googled her, the actress was stunned at how different Bloom is in reality.

"I immediately judged her from the pictures that I saw. And the more that I got to know her, I realized what I was judging was the way she was presenting herself to the world. But in many cases women have to present themselves in that way to find success in an industry where men were making the rules," Chastain shared during an interview at Deadline's The Contenders event. "And when I learned about Molly, I learned she was the opposite of that stereotype."

Meanwhile, Chastain also stated that she was thrilled to work with Sorkin, and couldn't believe it had taken him so long to direct a film.

"He's a political filmmaker, that I've always been inspired by, because in his stories he believes that goodness will prevail, even when reality threatens otherwise," she added.

Molly's Game
is due to hit theaters from late December.