Hyde Park

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A Nigerian-American attorney, David Eguasa (Kenneth Okolie), is tasked with saving his client Eric Deng (Xavier McKnight) from deportation, all while defining his cultural identity in a romantic relationship with his American girlfriend. To make matters more complicated, his client is gay, which goes against his Nigerian upbringing. He's conflicted with accepting the challenge and possibly becoming a partner at his law firm or rejecting the challenge and erasing all that he has built at the law firm. Along with this very challenging deportation case, his personal life is falling apart as well. His mother wants him to be with a traditional Nigerian woman, his father wants him to continue to be a successful lawyer. The challenge is that he's in love with a Black American woman he works with named Lola (Dawn Halfkenny). Even though David's group of friends come from multiple walks of life and are accepted by his parents, his mother can't see him being married to anyone other than a Nigerian woman. It's now or never, David can accept things as they are or fight for what he really wants.
Directed By:
Mark Harris
Running Time:
1 hr 30 min
Release Date:
July 14, 2022


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