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Loving Pablo

critic Reviews

  • Loving Pablo bungles its seemingly cinematic real-life story -- and a pair of talented stars -- in producing a lurid biopic that adds nothing to the Escobar subgenre.
  • Nell
    The film spends much too much time going over the same rise-and-fall material that has been a staple of many portrayals of Escobar himself and of most gangster films going back to the 1930's.
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  • Gary GoldsteinLos Angeles Times
    "Tolerating Pablo" might have better suited this unremarkable picture...
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  • Mike D'AngeloAV Club
    It's the cinematic equivalent of a vintage True Confessions article-the kind that would inspire a headline like "My Sin Was Loving Him."
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  • Leah GreenblattEntertainment Weekly
    Both actors gamely bring the full heft of their movie-star charisma.
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  • Randy CordovaArizona Republic
    At its heart, this is a soap opera - a bloody one, sure, but still a soap with deliciously ripe dialogue and a diva at the center.
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  • Sergi SánchezTime Out
    As if the figure of the king of drug trafficking wasn't a stereotype canonized by thrillers addicted to the dirty business, 'Loving Pablo' looks us right in the eyes and tells us it has just invented chicken soup..
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  • Ron WilkinsonIt's Just Movies
    A thriller without a twist, the love affair that may, or may not, have brought a big man down.
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  • Paula Vázquez PrietoLa Nación (Argentina)
    This mafia story without urbanity, is tinged with an overwhelming predictability, guided by an insistent and explanatory voice over, built on characters that are consumed in the same archetypes that inspire them. [Full Review in Spanish]
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  • Ezequiel
    A film that is correct and interesting, but still doesn't manage to escape the trappings of biopics. [Full Review in Spanish]
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  • Pablo A. ScholzClarín
    For those who only know that Escobar was a narcoterrorist, the film will surely surprise you, scene after scene. [Full review in Spanish]
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