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critic Reviews

  • It's going to be a long, long time before a rock biopic manages to capture the highs and lows of an artist's life like Rocketman.
  • Mick LaSalleSan Francisco Chronicle
    Really, on the basis of "Rocketman," you'd think Elton John never had a moment of fun.
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  • Richard BrodyNew Yorker
    "Rocketman" is far from a drama of introspection-and, unfortunately, Egerton's performance, as directed by Fletcher, doesn't add to the protagonist's inner life.
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  • David EdelsteinNew York Magazine/Vulture
    Rocketman has unusual dramatic heft for a jukebox musical, but that's a big curve on which to grade - the characters are still skin-deep.
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  • Jeffrey BloomerSlate
    Rocketman never quite finds the wild momentum its characters seem to chase around in all those musical numbers.
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  • Anthony LaneNew Yorker
    If you need somebody to recount the rise of a British rock god from pallid suburbia to the baroque extremes of fame, and to create a stir without causing too much of a fuss, Fletcher is your man.
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  • Leah PickettChicago Reader
    The story reshuffles reality, especially time and facts, and the film is more enjoyable for it.
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  • Jonathan DeanGQ Magazine [UK]
    While, one suspects, Bohemian Rhapsody had [Freddie] Mercury weeping in his grave, the film of [Elton] John fits his life like an expensive sequinned glove.
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  • Sean ChandlerSean Chandler Talks About
    It is very engaging and has fantastic performances. Maybe a little bit too long and not quite as satisfying in the end.
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  • Sameen AmerThe News International (Pakistan)
    The project serves as a terrific showcase for Egerton's clearly immense talent.
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  • Hugo Hernández ValdiviaCinexcepción
    Rocketman makes it clear we are dealing with an exceptional artist... but it is not clear about who is the human being behind it. [Full Review in Spanish]
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