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    it was ok but the animation was so weird and all I didn't really like this movie
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    Hotel Transylva…err The Addams Family is a derivative and uninspired family comedy. After being driven from their home by an angry mob Gomez and Morticia Addams make a new home in an abandoned asylum, but when a realtor builds a planned community next door the Addams are once again threatened by an angry mob. Featuring the voice talents of Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, Chloë Grace Moretz, and Finn Wolfhard, the film has a pretty solid cast. The script however is incredibly poor; hitting every trope and cliché in the book. And its message couldn't be more heavy-handed (the planned community's called Assimilation for crying out loud). Also, the animation isn't very good, as it's rather generic and unimaginative. A lackluster effort to resurrect the series, The Addams Family lacks the wicked humor and macabre charm of the previous films.
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    It was an okay movie. The plot was pretty basic. I did enjoy the kooky of the Addams and their crazy abilities but it just lacked the luster I would expect from the crazy family everyone knows and loves
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    Terrible horrible cringy animated movie starring a good paid off cast. I don't know if this movie made money but man this movies budget looks like 5 dollars. I hate being so negative but this movie just sucked.
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    I really enjoyed this movie! It was incredibly funny and animated SO WELL. I love me some exaggerated styled characters. The conflict was average, but the characters and charm make up for it.
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    A cute family reunion that's not dark enough for these Gothic weirdos. Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan's animated black comedy The Addams Family (2019) is a fairly funny family movie that most will be entertained by, but it doesn't go dark enough for this infamous clan of Goths. The Addams Family is a beloved brand to me, so I was willing to give this new take on the iconic Gothic strangers a chance. I enjoyed this modern movie for what it is, but it should have revelled in the night more if you know what I mean. Vernon and Tiernan's direction is brisk at playful with a charming tone, but it feels saccharine compared to past grim incarnations of The Addams Family. I did like Vernon's voice for the lumbering butler and talented organist Lurch though. They have so many references to pop culture, Goth culture, and other Addams Family lore that I appreciate, but as much of Matt Lieberman's writing that works, some of it feels like it's just there for contemporary children viewers, who have no attachment to this bleak franchise anyways. Charles Addams' macabre characters are remembered for their dark humor, not their adorable look and I think some of that black humor is present here in The Addams Family's strongest jokes. However, The Addams Family needs a haunting atmosphere instead of a chipper mood. David Ian Salter and Kevin Pavlovic's editing is quickly paced and tightly cut for a pleasant 86 minutes. They could have cut some of the brighter infantile humor and kept the more mature black comedy aspects and jokes. Kyle McQueen nails the old school Gothic look for his Addams Family production design. Mychael Danna and Jeff Danna's score is a bittersweet offering of old themes made new. The dark Addams Family vibe is there, but the Danna's add nothing new to the Addams Family with their music. I am torn about the look of the CGI animation. I prefer lovingly crafted hand drawn animation, so the ugly CGI characters and too pristine motion doesn't work for me. The Addams Family characters look like Charles Addams' old cartoon designs, but shined over with that oval sleek look of Illumination's animated style I just loathe. It's just too cute instead of creepy or Goth. The animation is creative and fun to watch, but it misses the mark for the overall aesthetic. The Addams Family does feature a killer cast of kooky voice actors. Oscar Isaac captures Gomez' vibrant playfulness, yet misses some of his constant romancing of Morticia. Charlize Theron gives a sultry vampiress voice for her Morticia Addams. I just wish there was more of Morticia here. Chloe Grace Moretz is perfectly deadpan as the Goth torturess Wednesday Addams in a wonderfully sadistic casting choice. I honestly think they should have made a live action since this cast all could look like the Gothic icons The Addams Family. Finn Wolfhard is pretty lively in a memorable role as Pugsley Addams. Nick Kroll is really funny as the expressive and undead Uncle Fester. Allison Janney is excellent as the home remodeler villainess and plastic woman Margaux Needler. Elsie Fisher has a very cute and expressive voice for Parker Needler that I think is an apt foil for Wednesday's dour tone. Snoop Dogg has a fun appearance as Cousin It while "Drop It Like It's Hot" blasts, but they didn't even use his instantly recognizable voice, instead opting to reverse It's dialogue for a weird effect. Bette Midler is spry as Grandmama with a few crazy bits. Martin Short and Catherine O'Hara are wonderful as Grandpa and Grandma Frump, but it's too short of a cameo for my taste. Tituss Burgess might as well have not been in this as he gets few lines as Glenn. Aimee Garcia lends her lovely voice for Denise, but is not given enough lines like Tituss. Pom Klementieff has a cute cameo as Layla and Kayla too. In conclusion, The Addams Family is a fast family movie full of cunning animated gags and quirky humor, but should have leaned into The Addams Family's black humor more since that's what they're beloved for in the first place.
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    Not amazing but not awful. There are some entertaining moments and some cringe-worthy ones. Kids will probably like this.
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    Funny, bizarrely charming and a treat to watch!
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    It was okay. I liked it in the same way that I would enjoy watching three episodes of the original TV series back to back. This is especially true of the overall plot. It was just kind of meh and predictable. The characterization was good. The animation was good, especially Gomez and Lurch. Wednesday had too much of a bubble head and putting a mechanical eye on thing was just gratuitous. As a fan of Charles Addams I enjoyed the easter eggs that can be seen throughout the movie but Addams' original dark humor just seemed watered down. I guess there is a lot of pressure to make it kid friendly but done right, an Addams Family really should push a PG-17 rating even without profanity or nudity. The producers had good voice actors and good animators and just didn't take full advantage of them. To sum up, I enjoyed it but it could have been so much more.
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    It's not to say that this animated reboot of The Addams Family isn't lacking in top-notch voice talent, genuinely enjoyable moments and nicely-rendered animation despite something I'm going to bring up soon. But what really drags it down and makes it one of the weaker animated movies of 2019, though not to the same extent as other movies, is its lack of risks. They're the Addams Family, you can be a bit experimental. First, there's the saccharine tone & story, the latter of which comes off as too weak and lighthearted for the Addams Family. Not to mention how, to children who have never heard of this creepy, kooky family, it won't encourage them to watch superior adaptations or look at the original comic strips. They'll just be reminded that they'd rather be watching the Hotel Transylvania trilogy instead. Then, there's the humour which, while not outright obnoxious, has a hard time deciding who the audience is supposed to be, since the jokes will be regarded by angry parents as too macabre for children and too by edgy teens as too stupid for their tastes. Pop culture references do not good comedy make. And finally, there's the atrocious character designs. This movie was originally going to be a Tim Burton-helmed stop-motion feature but after he left the project, executives preferred to take the easy way out and just make it an all-CGI cartoon, instead. And at times, despite the smooth movement and framerate, it does show that it was intended to be stop-motion. With regards to the designs, note that the creepy and spooky family here is closer to how they look in the source material. And even though most of the design complaints came from people used to the cast of the live-action '90s movies (speaking of which, Oscar Isaac would've made for a worthy successor to Raul Julia's take on Gomez had this movie been live-action. Shame), let's be honest. The more source material-accurate designs do not translate well to 3D animation. Not that the normal people, designed by people with little experience designing characters that don't have any source material to use for reference, fare any better. If anything, they're WORSE. And the Addams are supposed to be the monsters? Hey, now that I've mentioned it, why are the Addams called monsters? Sure, it's meant to drive an admittedly relevant, albeit heavy-handed, message but weren't they just meant to be very strange-looking humans? Gomez doesn't even look all that different from normal people. *sigh* While not without its moments, the uninteresting plot, lack of risks, horrifying designs (and, as you should know by now, I'm not talking about the family) and uncertain audience contribute to this part animated reboot, part cheap Hotel Transylvania knockoff holding the dishonourary position of being the fourth-worst animated movie of 2019.