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The Hurricane Heist

critic Reviews

  • The Hurricane Heist is a throwback to the overblown action thrillers of yesteryear -- and a thoroughly middling example of why they don't make 'em like this anymore.
  • Bilge EbiriVillage Voice
    It's like the filmmakers went into the Die Hard Store, stretched out their arms, rolled their eyes back, and bellowed, "Give me eeevvveeeerryything!"
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  • Ignatiy VishnevetskyAV Club
    The film never rises to the promise of its awesomely literal title. The stakes are as soggy as the scenery.
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  • Michael GingoldTime Out
    This one's just blowing through theaters on its way to streaming services.
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  • Andrew BarkerVariety
    If our divided country can't come together over a movie this wonderfully terrible, what hope do we really have?
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  • Peter
    One of the dumbest variations of the weather-based action thriller subgenre that I have ever seen.
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  • Alonso DuraldeTheWrap
    A laughable caper wherein the good guys continually manage to thwart the bad guys through skillful manipulation of a Category 5 hurricane.
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  • Víctor López G.Espinof
    This good-bad movie is part of a select group of feature films that limit our neural activity for a couple of hours while we indulge in the most basic and mundane guilty pleasures. [Full Review in Spanish]
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  • Francis X. FrielMountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)
    An absurdly over-the-top spectacle that doesn't overcome an overstuffed script and uneven cast.
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  • Allen AdamsThe Maine Edge
    Think the 1998 Christian Slater-Morgan Freeman movie Hard Rain only turned up to 11 and completely unconcerned with plausibility, physics or any other laws of nature.
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  • Louisa MooreScreen Zealots
    It's even worse than the worst SyFy Channel original movie. It makes Geostorm look like Citizen Kane.
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