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The Hustle

critic Reviews

  • The Hustle's stars might make an effective comedy team in a different setting, but this gender-flipped remake of a remake adds little beyond its feminine twist.
  • Katie WalshLos Angeles Times
    It's the irony of all ironies that one walks away from "The Hustle" feeling a little, well, hustled.
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  • Richard RoeperChicago Sun-Times
    Even with a running time of 93 minutes, The Hustle felt about an hour too long.
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  • Adam GrahamDetroit News
    Who's conning who here? In "The Hustle," everyone's a sucker, most of all the audience.
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  • Christy
    It's not terrible. It's not anything, really, except an excuse for Hathaway to swan about in a series of clingy dresses and fake accents and Wilson to pratfall and deadpan her way from one outlandish scheme to the next.
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  • Anne T. DonahueGlobe and Mail
    "You could've been more!" is something I wanted to stand up and scream during the closing credits of The Hustle... starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson. Instead, I packed up my popcorn, left the theatre and wondered how it all went wrong.
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  • Scott TobiasNPR
    The Hustle will fail to seduce the most important mark in any heist movie: the audience.
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  • Sameen AmerThe News International (Pakistan)
    It's all exactly as unnecessary as it sounds.
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  • Andrew StoverFilm Inquiry
    This is a comedy without a soul, which also just happens to be a comedy without prompting any genuine laughs.
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  • Luis Fernando GalvánEn Filme
    The various twists and turns of The Hustle only end up confusing the genre themes that the film aims to address. [Full review in Spanish]
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  • Mabel SalinasCine Premiere
    An uneven comedy. [Full review in Spanish]
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