Alan Ritchson

Multi-faceted Alan Ritchson first got his start in entertainment as a model, then a musician, before finally settling on acting as his chosen field. Originally from Niceville, FL, Ritchson moved to Miami to initially become a model. He was signed by Next of Miami, a top agency, and began doing ad campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch, Nike and Joe Boxer. His mug was also found within the pages of several large magazines, including Seventeen, Maxim and Cosmopolitan. Turning to music, Ritchson made a brief, but memorable stint on the third season of "American Idol" (Fox, 2002-16), doing a mock striptease to woo judge Paula Abdul. His experience prompted Ritchson to independently record his own album - a mix of hip-hop and acoustic pop songs called This is the Next Time. After moving to Los Angeles to finish mixing the record, Ritchson began acting, playing Aquaman on an episode of "Smallville" (CW, 2001-11) - a role he would later revive in the 2006-07 season when the Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) calls upon several superheroes to take down Lex Luthor's secret lab. Meanwhile, Ritchson landed a bit part as an army officer in "Though None Go with Me" (2006), a Hallmark Channel movie-of-the-week about lost love during the Korean War.