Alexander Skarsgård

Actor Alexander Skarsgård exuded a mysterious magnetism that made him a natural to play dark, often disturbed characters. He amassed a decade's worth of work in Sweden before emerging as the fanged bad-boy Eric Northman on HBO's gripping vampire series, "True Blood" (2008-14). Skarsgård first impressed as a stoic Marine leader in the HBO miniseries "Generation Kill" (2008), based on journalist Evan Wright's painstakingly accurate account of the Iraq invasion. But it was his turn as the calculating and incredibly attractive Viking vampire that made Skarsgård into a bona fide Hollywood star. The juicy role often featured him in various stages of undress with frequent sex-dream partner, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin). While he initially came off mean and manipulative, Skarsgård's take on Eric slowly revealed a softer, more caring side, which showcased the actor's range and led to many more riveting roles throughout his career. After the end of "True Blood" in 2014, Skarsgård moved on to work ranging from horror film "Hidden" to the adventure "The Legend of Tarzan" (2016) to dysfunctional family drama "Big Little Lies" (HBO 2017).