Alice Krige

A strikingly lovely brunette actress, Krige was born in South Africa and completed a degree in psychology and drama before moving to the UK at age 22 to study acting further and pursue her career. Her delicate, high-cheekboned beauty, poise and crisp speaking voice have made her ideal for period drama, and she made a vivid impression as a woman who becomes involved with a runner in the 1924 Olympics in her first film, "Chariots of Fire" (1981). She was also lovely as the demure Lucie Manette in her US TV-movie debut, an adaptation of "A Tale of Two Cities" (1980). Krige, though, has also been called upon to convey a seductive, sometimes feline aloofness, as in "Ghost Story" (1981), in which she adeptly combined a sense of nostalgia and danger as the woman who haunts four elderly ex-beaus.