Antoni Corone

Prolific actor Antoni Corone carved out a career playing imposing authority figures, most memorably in "Oz" (HBO, 1997-2003), "We Own the Night" (2007) and "The Red Road" (Sundance TV, 2014-15). Born in Willoughby, OH, Corone first worked as a lifeguard before switching to acting, making his on-screen debut as a police officer in the second season of "Miami Vice" (NBC, 1984-89). Supporting roles in "Charley Hannah's War" (1986), "Somebody's Gotta Shoot the Pictures" (1990) and "Murder 101" (1991) then followed, as did a memorable turn as Del Boy's American double in much-loved British sitcom "Only Fools and Horses" (BBC1, 1981-2003) and bit parts in box-office hits "Cape Fear" (1991), "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" (1994) and "The Specialist" (1994). Corone stuck to his comfort zone with roles as a police chief in "Wild Things" (1997), a security guard in "The Truman Show" (1998) and an FBI agent in "The Last Marshal" (1999), before landing his first major recurring gig as Italian hitman Frank Urbano in cult prison drama "Oz" (HBO, 1997-2003). Following a six-episode stint as murderous Evan Flanders in "All My Children" (ABC, 1970-2011) and minor parts in "Bad Boys II" (2003), "Out of Time" (2003) and "The Punisher" (2004), Corone enjoyed more substantial screen time as Officer Michael Solo in "We Own the Night" (2007), real-life politician Tom Feeney in "Recount" (HBO, 2008), tough-talking Col. Lyons in "Green Zone" (2010) and millionaire astronaut Dan Lindholm in "I Love You Phillip Morris" (2010). Corone then returned to the small screen for regular roles as Captain Warren in hard-hitting thriller "The Red Road" (SundanceTV, 2014-15) and Juan's bodyguard in music industry drama "South Beach" (Hulu, 2015).