Avan Jogia

Avan Jogia was a British-Canadian actor born in Vancouver, Canada on February 9, 1992. Jogia attended Killarney Secondary School, but left in 10th grade before graduating to pursue acting full time. He made his acting debut in television film "A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Arujo Story" (Lifetime, 2006). The next year, he landed a recurring role on the short-lived sitcom "Aliens in America" (The CW, 2007-08). Jogia played recurring character Ben Stark on "Battlestar Galactica" prequel "Caprica" (Syfy, 2010), and made his film debut in the direct-to-video "Triple Dog" (2010). The same year, he joined the main cast of "Victorious" (Nickelodeon, 2010-13) as Beck Oliver, his breakout role. Jogia made his directorial debut with short film "Alex" (2011), and co-founded non-profit PSA organization Straight But Not Narrow in order to educate heterosexual people about the LGBTQA community. He starred as main character Danny Desai on mystery series "Twisted" (ABC Family, 2013-14), and played the titular historical figure in miniseries "Tut" (Spike, 2015). Jogia worked with acting inspiration Sir Ben Kingsley on the latter. He led the cast of "Ghost Wars" (Syfy, 2017) as Roman Mercer.