Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer worked on a variety of projects during his entertainment career. Kreischer kickstarted his acting career appearing on various television sitcoms, including "Hurt Bert" (FX, 2003-04). He had a part on the television special "Jay Mohr: My Turn" (Comedy Central, 2003-04). In the early 2000s and the 2010s, Kreischer devoted his time to various credits, such as "Fresh Baked Video Games" (Spike TV, 2005-06), "Reality Bites Back" (Comedy Central, 2007-08) and "Bert Kreischer: Comfortably Dumb" (Comedy Central, 2008-09). He also worked on "Bert The Conqueror" (Travel Channel, 2009-) and "Scream if You Know the Answer" (Scripps Networks, 2010-11). Kreischer continued to exercise his talent in the 2010s, taking on a mix of projects like "Red Light Comedy: Live From Amsterdam" (Showtime, 2011-12), "Trip Flip" (Travel Channel, 2011-) and "Trip of a Lifetime" (Travel Channel, 2012-13). His credits also expanded to "The Trip: 2015" (Travel Channel, 2014-15) and on "Travel Channel Star" (Travel Channel, 2014-15). More recently, Kreischer Was writer, producer and actor on action comedy film "The Machine" (2023).