Bob Murawski

Oscar-winning editor Bob Murawski attended Michigan State University before interning at a Detroit-based film distributor. Murawski then moved to Hollywood, where he worked as an assistant editor on several low-budget films. One of his first jobs was as an assistant editor for director Sam Raimi's dark superhero tale "Darkman." Murawski worked with Raimi again two years later, serving as an editor on the cult film "Army of Darkness," starring Bruce Campbell in the most comic installment of the "Evil Dead" series. Next up was John Woo's "Hard Target," the kinetic Hong Kong director's first American feature. While they were working on the bleak TV series "American Gothic" in 1995, Raimi introduced Murawski to his future wife, Chris Innis, with whom he went to work with on Raimi's creepy "The Gift." Murawski also served as the editor for the three "Spider-Man" films--again with Raimi at the helm. In 2005 Murawski edited and produced the Mondo documentary "Alan Yates," before working on the bomb-squad nail-biter "The Hurt Locker" for which Murawski won an Academy Award for Best Achievement in Editing.