Brad Krevoy

An influential producer known for making low-budget films with high box-office returns, Brad Krevoy helped launch the careers of many of Hollywood's biggest stars. Krevoy started MPCA (Motion Picture Corporation of America) in 1987 with business partner Steve Stabler and quickly established himself as a major player. Several of the early films he produced were low-cost thrillers and action films, but he soon established his reputation by producing very successful comedies with talented young stars like Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell. "Threesome," a 1994 comedy starring Lara Flynn Boyle and Stephen Baldwin, became a huge hit and established him as a producer drawn to edgy content. He was responsible for helping to launch the Farrelly Brothers' career, producing their signature comedies "Dumb and Dumber" and "Kingpin," which featured a trademark mixture of slapstick and sentimentality. MPCA was purchased by Orion Pictures in 1996, and Krevoy served for two years as its co-president. During this period, he produced the lowbrow fish-out-of-water comedies"Beverly Hills Ninja" and "Jungle 2 Jungle," both of which were panned by critics but achieved some box-office success. Two years later he re-launched a new version of MPCA and started shifting focus away from feature films and toward producing TV movies like the critically acclaimed historical film "Joe and Max." In 2009, his career reached another plateau with the Iraq War-themed film " Taking Chance," which the Hollywood Reporter said broke the industry's "Iraq War losing streak." The HBO movie premiered at Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for an Emmy.