Christoffer Boe

Christoffer Boe worked on a variety of projects during his entertainment career. In the early stages of his Hollywood career, Christoffer Boe directed dramas like "Reconstruction" (2004) with Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Maria Bonnevie and "Allegro" (2007) starring Ulrich Thomsen. In addition to his directing, Christoffer Boe also appeared on-screen in "Offscreen" (2006) with Nicolas Bro. In the 2010s, Christoffer Boe devoted his time to various credits, such as "Everything Will Be Fine" with Paprika Steen (2010), "Beast" (2011) and "Room 304" with Stine Stengade (2011). He also worked on "Sex, Drugs & Taxation" (2013). Christoffer Boe most recently worked on the drama "When Animals Dream" (2015) with Sonia Suhl.