Clare-Hope Ashitey

Blowing audiences away with her acclaimed performance in "Children of Men" (2006), Clare-Hope Ashitey brought a certain amount of personal experience to her role. Born to Ghanaian immigrants in Einfield, England, Ashitey used her background to better understand the emotional life of her character, Kee-who was an immigrant herself. Ashitey even used a Ghanaian lullaby taught to her by her parents for a scene in which Kee sings her baby to sleep. Ashitey filmed her breakout performance during her gap year between high school and college. Having trained at Centre Stage School of Performing Arts, Southgate as a youngster, Ashitey was new to the world of professional acting, and had no trouble backing away from it after the production wrapped in order to attend SOAS, University of London. She returned to acting in 2009, co-starring in a production of "Origin of the Species" at the Arcola in London. Soon, she was back on screen, co-starring in the drama "Black Brown White" (2011) and the ensemble film "Candle to Water" (2012). She joined the cast of the popular British TV series "Suspects" (Channel 5, 2014-) in 2014 and "Doctor Foster" (BBC, 2015-) in 2015, but eventually, Ashitey decided to make the leap across the Atlantic, joining the cast of the American series "Shots Fired" (Fox, 2017-) in 2017.