Clint Howard

Clint Howard followed his actor father Rance into show business. At age three, he was cast in several episodes of "The Andy Griffith Show," as Leon, the little boy in love with peanut butter. Two years later and already seasoned by some film work, Howard was a regular on the short-lived family series "The Baileys of Balboa." In 1967, he won the role of young orphan Mark Wedloe who adopts a bear as a pet in the film "Gentle Giant" which led to the spin-off series "Gentle Ben" (CBS, 1967-69). As a juvenile, Howard remained active in TV-movies and guest appearances. When his brother Ron Howard was given the opportunity to make his directorial debut with "Grand Theft Auto" (1977), he tapped Clint for a small role. The brothers have worked together on numerous occasions since including co-writing the NBC TV-movie "Cotton Candy" (1978). Among the many roles he has played in Ron's films are a wedding guest in "Splash" (1984), a nursing home worker in "Cocoon" (1985) and a NASA employee in "Apollo 13" (1995). Howard has proven to be an effective character player, working frequently in TV and films. He had regular roles on the series "Gung Ho" (ABC, 1986-87) and "Space Rangers" (CBS, 1993), appeared in "That Thing You Do!" (1996) and "Twilight" (1998) and had a rare leading role in "The Ice Cream Man" (1995).