Dan Kwan

Daniel Kwan was born in Westborough, MA. He is one half of the film-directing duo referred to as the Daniels, along with Daniel Scheinert. After directing music videos Kwan went on to direct television series such as the comedy-drama "Swiss Army Men" (2016) and "Legion" (2017-19) starring Dan Stevens and Rachel Keller. In 2018, Kwan founded Direct Music Videos (W.D.M.V.), an advocate group for workers' in the music and entertainment industries. The multigenre film "Everything Everywhere All at Once" (2022) was written, directed and produced by the Daniels, Jonathan Wang and the Russo Brothers. It contains elements of science fiction, martial arts, fantasy and more. The project was nominated for 11 Academy Awards, 13 Critics' Choice Movie Awards, of which it won five, six Golden Globe Awards, winning two, and 10 British Academy Film Awards.