Daniel Lapaine

Blonde athletic Australian actor Daniel Lapaine made his film debut with a most auspicious role in 1994's comedy hit "Muriel's Wedding." As the expatriate Olympic swimmer who's waiting at the end of the aisle in the titular event, he capably played a multi-dimensional character in a small but pivotal role. After this performance, the actor virtually disappeared from films, returning to a successful stage career. In his native Sydney, Lapaine had previously starred in productions of "Hamlet," "Richard III" and the one man show "Island." A playwright as well as an actor, he has seen several of his writings produced on the stage, including "Cloud Cuckooland" and "The White Room." A small role in the little seen comedy "1999" (1997) marked his return to the big screen, followed by supporting parts in the vastly different period pieces "Dangerous Beauty" and "54" (both 1998). After a vibrant performance as Claire Danes' older brother in the engaging "Polish Wedding" (1998), Lapaine re-teamed with the actress, this time as her betrayer, in the drama "Brokedown Palace" (1999). Playing the charming and handsome Australian drug-smuggler who lands two Midwestern American teens (Danes and Kate Beckinsale) in a Thai prison proved to be a breakthrough role for him. Lapaine was also featured in the action thriller "Double Jeopardy," starring Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones.