David Tattersall

Distinguished cinematographer David Tattersall studied film at Britain's prestigious National Film and Television School before embarking on a successful big-screen career, going on to collaborate with some of Hollywood's biggest names. After working on some early shorts, he landed a gig as director of photography on the 1992 action-adventure series "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles," which garnered him recognition and a few awards nods. It ushered in more work on features, including the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced blockbuster "Con Air" in the late 1990s. He was soon working on huge Hollywood productions, including Frank Darabont's Oscar-nominated "The Green Mile" and George Lucas' Star Wars prequels. Tattersall worked as director of photography on the three "Star Wars" movies, while intermittently working in other Hollywood fare at the time, like the James Bond flick "Die Another Day" and the Jim Carrey/Darabont collaboration "The Majestic." He was able to make a distinctive cinematic mark with Lana and Andrew Wachowski's colorful, big-budget "Speed Racer" adaptation in 2008.