Emilia Fox

Emilia Fox grew up in an acting family and had her first major role in 1995's "Pride & Prejudice," a serial adaptation of the popular Jane Austen novel. Fox was featured as Mrs. Darcy's younger sister while her mother, Joanna David, also starred in the series. The English actress wrapped up the '90s by starring in "David Copperfield," a television drama based on the Charles Dickens novel, as David's mother Clara. Fox had a huge year in 2002, appearing in Roman Polanski's Oscar-winning drama "The Pianist." The picture earned her a Polish Film Award nomination for her portrayal of Dorota, a cellist who comes to Adrien Brody's assistance after a Nazi takeover in 1930s Poland. In 2004, Fox picked up a starring role on the BBC crime series "Silent Witness" as Dr. Nikki Alexander, a forensics expert who solves crimes with her team of scientists. In 2009, she had a recurring role on the BBC program "Merlin," about the most famous wizard in Arthurian legend.