Henry Bumstead

Veteran production designer Henry Bumstead began designing film sets in collaboration with Hans Dreier with three features in 1948: "Saigon," "The Sainted Sisters" and "My Own True Love." They went on to work together on a half-dozen other feature, including "My Friend Irma" 1949 and its 1950 sequel "My Friend Irma Goes West." Bumstead was then teamed with Hal Pereira and that collaboration yielded some 20 features. Perhaps the best-known of their joint efforts were two classic Hitchcock thrillers "The Man Who Knew Too Much" (1956), with its French Morocco milieu, and "Vertigo" (1958), which brought them an Academy Award nod for their San Franciscan settings. (Bumstead later worked with Hitchcock on "Topaz" 1969 and "The Family Plot" 1976.)