Isaac Hempstead-Wright

British actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright excelled at playing boys with an otherworldly air, including his breakout role as the supernaturally gifted Bran Stark on "Game of Thrones" (HBO 2011- ). He began his on-screen career in U.K. television commercials before making his feature debut as a mysterious child in the ghost story "The Awakening" (2011). From there, he earned international attention as Bran Stark, whose physical infirmities masked exceptional magic talents on "Game of Thrones." The series commanded much of his professional career, though he managed to co-star in the U.K./U.S. political drama "Closed Circuit" while also maintaining an off-screen life as a teenager with scholastic and extracurricular interests. Hempstead-Wright's early talents indicated that he was the rare young actor with the range to play complex roles.