Jack Dylan Grazer

Jack Grazer began acting at a young age, catapulting himself to fame with a co-starring role in the big screen remake of Stephen King's horror tale, "It" (2017). Born on September 3, 2003 in Los Angeles, CA, Grazer got his first onscreen role at the age of 11, in Adam Scott's absurdist Adult Swim mockumentary "The Greatest Event in Television History" (Cartoon Network, 2012-2014), recreating the opening credits to the campy 80s sitcom "Bosom Buddies" (ABC, 1980-82). The following year, Grazer appeared on an episode of the bizarre comedic talk show "Comedy Bang! Bang!" (IFC, 2012-16), playing host Scott Aukerman's fictional son, Kayden Aukerman, while also landing his first film role in the horror comedy anthology "Tales of Halloween" (2015). Grazer's highest profile role to date came when he was cast in the remake of Stephen King's "It" (2017) as Eddie Kaspbrak, a hypochondriac with an overbearing mother, who becomes part of a group of seven friends (known as The Losers' Club) that team up to defeat a terrifying child-murdering immortal clown who lives in the sewers beneath their sleepy Maine town.