Jacob Tremblay

With his precocious smile and emotive range, Jacob Tremblay became an acclaimed actor while he was still in elementary school. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2006 and raised in nearby Langley, Tremblay was outgoing and performative as a small child. His police detective father was also a former child actor for whom the film industry was not entirely unfamiliar, and so it was easy for the young Tremblay to begin attending auditions. He booked his first major role when he was just five years old, appearing in "Smurfs 2" (2013) which was released two years later. The experience was tremendously positive for Tremblay, who was able to travel to Paris with his family for the role. He would appear in a few TV movies over the coming year, but his next major breakthrough would come in 2015 when he was cast opposite Brie Larson in the acclaimed drama "Room" (2015). Playing a kidnapped mother and son living in captivity, Tremblay and Larson spent weeks regularly playing together to prepare for their roles, and their dedication ultimately paid off when both the film and its performances were met with major accolades. Fresh off of this success, Tremblay would embark on a number of projects, co-starring with Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jayne in the horror movie "Before I Wake" (2016), starring in the adventure film "Burn Your Maps" (2016), and appearing with Naomi Watts in the thriller "Shut In" (2016). Then in 2017, another career-changing part came along for Tremblay when he was cast as a boy living with the disfiguring effects of Treacher Collins syndrome in the childhood drama "Wonder" (2017). The movie was a great success and Tremblay's performance met with substantial praise. He would change gears for his next project, appearing in the sci-fi thriller reboot "The Predator" (2018), and then again for his next film, co-starring with two other young actors in the R-rated comedy "Good Boys" (2019).