James Scully

James Scully made an auspicious debut into the public consciousness, starring in the vital and disturbing off-Broadway play "The Erlkings," a play focused on the tragic Columbine shooting. One might think that such weighty subject matter would be too much for a newly graduated actor just spreading his wings in the professional sphere, but Scully was undeterred. Born in Alamo City, Texas in 1994, Scully was interested in acting by the time he was out of middle school. He enrolled at a performing arts high school where he thrived in the creative environment, even if he still faced his fair share of bullying. After graduating, Scully enrolled at the liberal arts college Otterbein University, where he majored in acting for a time before heading to New York to begin his career. Success did not come immediately, but Scully found work as a nanny as well as at a cycling studio before he was eventually able to support himself through acting alone. "The Erikings" came in 2014 and though the modest production did not offer the star power Scully would one day command, it was a vital step on his path towards success. He was cast in a guest starring role on an episode of the series "Quantico" (ABC, 2015-) in 2017, shortly before landing his big break, a co-starring role as the homicidal JD on the TV adaptation of the cult classic "Heathers" (TV Land, 2018-).