James Wolk

Because of his ability to play both charming rogues and vulnerable underdogs, actor James Wolk emerged as a performer capable of playing leading man roles right from the start. Wolk first gained attention in the television movie "Front of the Class" (CBS, 2008) as a young man overcoming Tourette's Syndrome to become a gifted elementary school teacher. Hailed by critics for his performance, Wolk quickly moved on to become the star of a new television series, "Lone Star" (Fox, 2010), an edgy primetime soap in which he was a Texas con artist living a double life with two women. Despite the appeal and marketing push, the show was canceled after just two episodes, temporarily leaving his career in doubt. But the same month that the network pulled the plug, Wolk was seen in the romantic comedy "You Again" (2010), though that film's failure at the box office did nothing to boost his career. Nonetheless, he had in a short period of time displayed his considerable skill in portraying both wholesome everymen and suave antiheroes, which led many to believe that Wolk would no doubt find Hollywood success.