Jeffrey Donovan

Television star and USA Network's golden boy, Jeffrey Donovan - who The Los Angeles Times boasted had "charisma to burn" - was, in reality, a seasoned Shakespearean stage actor who ended up as one of the most promising action stars in years. Frequently alternating between stage and screen, it became obvious to TV programmers that Donovan had a penchant for wisecracking and intelligently wacky characters, particularly law enforcement types. He was also believably brutish when called for, which attracted both male and female viewers alike to shows like "Touching Evil" (USA Network, 2004) and "Burn Notice" (USA Network, 2007-13), as he effectively portrayed gun-wielding, troubled and unpredictable heroes in the vein of Bruce Willis and other multi-layered action stars before him. He transferred that quality over to the big screen, where he delivered strong turns in the thriller "Hindsight" (2008) and Clint Eastwood's acclaimed period drama, "Changeling" (2008). But it was his starring role as the blacklisted spy, Michael Westen, on "Burn Notice" that propelled the actor to stardom and earned him a place at the table as one of television's top leading men.