Joe Mantegna

A versatile, seasoned player on both stage and screen, Joe Mantegna first garnered national prominence for his work with writer-director David Mamet, earning a Tony award for "Glengarry Glen Ross" in 1983 before appearing in Mamet films like "House of Games" (1987), "Homicide" (1991) and the slated 2008 release "Redbelt." The Italian Chicago native was often typecast in mafia and con man roles when he first transitioned to film and television, but as his career progressed, audiences were given the opportunity to appreciate his nuanced and realistic acting style. He shone on the screen in roles ranging from supportive father - "Searching for Bobby Fischer (1994), "Joan of Arcadia" (CBS, 2002-05) - to manipulative film producer - "The Starter Wife" (USA, 2007) - and even poked fun at the mafia genre with a long-running voice role as mob boss "Fat Tony" on "The Simpsons" (Fox, 1989- ). In the fall of 2007, he joined the CBS prime time lineup by playing a retired FBI agent in the popular crime drama "Criminal Minds" (CBS, 2005- ).