John Rothman

A graduate of Wesleyan University and the Yale Drama School, the actor Jon Rothman started on top; he made his film debut in "Stardust Memories," Woody Allen's follow-up to "Manhattan." He worked consistently with the comedian-director on some of Allen's best-loved movies of the 1980s, "Zelig" and "The Purple Rose of Cairo," and also appeared in several of the ascendant star Meryl Streep's movies: Alan J. Pakula's "Sophie's Choice," Mike Nichols's "Heartburn," and, two decades later, "The Devil Wears Prada." Rothman also had turns in such memorable classics as "Big" and "Ghostbusters," and fought for the Union in "Gettysburg," in which he embodied the historical figure of Major General John F. Reynolds. A steady presence in critically acclaimed movies, the actor has played a critic himself, Harold Rosenberg, in Ed Harris's "Pollock," as well as one of the passengers aboard the doomed flight depicted in "United 93" and even the dentist who treated Philip Seymour Hoffman's hypochondriac in the surreal "Synecdoche, New York." Rothman has also appeared in the superhero film "Daredevil"--one of the films of that genre that his brother, an executive at Twentieth Century-Fox, did not produce--as well as Fox's big-budgeted sci-fi remake of "The Day the Earth Still."