Juan Diego Botto

While American audiences knew Juan Diego Botto well from his memorably role as the surprisingly moral and thoroughly charming hitman Javier on the series "Good Behavior" (TNT, 2016-), Botto's career actually began in Spain over 30 years earlier. Born in Argentina in 1975, Botto's family relocated to Spain when he was just two after his father disappeared during Argentina's "Dirty War." As Botto's mother taught acting classes from their Madrid apartment, Botto took a strong interest in the craft. He was cast in the Spanish drama "Power Game" (1982) when he was only five, and continued acting in projects like the drama "Berta's Motives" (1986). He notably appeared alongside Antonio Banderas in "If They Tell You I Fell" (1989) before taking on the role of Felipe on the Family Channel series "Zorro" (Family Channel, 1990-2011). He would stick with the series for three seasons before returning to the big screen with roles in films like "La Celestina" (1996) and "The Anarchist's Wife" (2008). After starring in the thriller "The Ignorance of Blood" (2014) in 2014, Botto was offered the role of Javier on "Good Behavior." Simultaneously, Botto began appearing as Rodrigo on the Spanish series "Lifeline" (Channel 4, 2016-).