Jürgen Tarrach

German actor Jürgen Tarrach has been a frequent presence in domestic films and TV movies in starring roles, later gaining international exposure in the James Bond film "Casino Royale" and the romantic drama "The Reader." He began his screen acting career in the mid '90s with appearances in TV movies and series, earning a recurring role on the adventure program "Der Kapitän." He starred in the popular crime comedy "Die Musterknaben" in 1997, which won him a German Film Award nomination and led to the sequel, "Die Musterknaben 2," in 1999. Another popular film was "Three Chinamen with a Double Bass," a comedic thriller that provided Tarrach with his third German Film Award nomination. He also earned acclaim for his role in the TV film "Wambo," a dramatization of the murder of actor Walter Sedlmayer. In 2003 he appeared in the English-language Germany/U.K. co-production "Baltic Storm," paving the way for his roles in the 2006 action film "Casino Royale" and the Oscar-nominated drama "The Reader."