Kevin Daniels

A regularly seen player on episodic television and the stage since the late '90s, actor Kevin Daniels worked frequently (if anonymously) in numerous productions before earning his first substantive showcase as Magic Johnson in the Broadway drama "Magic/Bird" (2012). The Juilliard graduate made his television debut in a filmed version of "Twelfth Night" for PBS in 1998 and went to play bit roles on TV and the occasional film for the better part of the next two decades. In 2012, the 6'5" Daniels was top-billed as Johnson in "Magic/Bird," which returned him to Broadway for the first time since 1998. The critically acclaimed show provided him with considerable exposure, and was soon followed by his casting in Denis Leary's comedy "Sirens" (USA Network, 2014-15), which appeared to serve as official notice of his rising star status.